Anymore questions?

What do some of our team members think about the Project? What kind of problems have they been facing up until now? What have their challenges been?

On Friday the 16th and on Monday the 19th the documentation department decided (a bit spontaneously) to interview the heads of the team and some of the teachers that are guiding us through this project. Hours before e-mails with the questions that were going to be asked had been sent to the interviewees so that they would know what it was all going to be about.

Vanessa during her Interview Foto © Sara Ollé

Apparently it all turned out pretty well. Almost everyone was able to make it with such short notice and some of them even prepared their answers!

Philipp thinking his answers Foto © Sara Ollé

So, now the editing process will start and hopefully we’ll have a great interview-video for our DVD!

Leander trying to fix the micro before his interview Foto ©Sara Ollé

Thanks to all of those who participated and helped…and as a gratification: great pictures of some of our interviewees! 🙂

Beitrag von Andrea Avilla Swistunowicz

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